NuBiz4U! e-Cards for Web Presence

Even if you don’t want a web site, you still want a web presence. NuBiz4U! e-cards give you that for a penny a day! These are designed so customers searching your company name find you instead of being directed elsewhere based on words in your company name.

Not only are NuBiz4U! e-Cards affordable, they are really simple to use. You can have your web presence in minutes. In addition, you are welcome to edit your NuBiz4U! e-card throughout the year! You can improve it as you get the hang of using it, or as you get ideas on how you would like it to look.

NuBiz4U! e-Cards as Links to Your Shops

If you have your shop set up elsewhere, NuBiz4U! e-Cards can be used to get customers to your shop. Each NuBiz4U! e-Card can have one link in it. You are welcome to use that link to take someone who found your NuBiz4U! e-Card to your shop on a listing site, or to your own web site.


We will not be able to draw the traffic to your products like the big listing sites, but we can give potential customers one more way to find your shop in search engines. They are still only a penny a day! You can even share your ad on social media!

Feature Your NuBiz4U! e-Card

You can have your NuBiz4U! e-Card rotated in as one of the four featured ads people visiting the site will see for just another penny a day!


For two pennies a day, you not only will get web presence, or augment that which you have, you will also have your NuBiz4U! e-Card rotated in as a featured sponsor!


Not only is it easily affordable, it becomes profitable with one new client! At NuBiz4U!, we want new business for you!

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